MB6SG is a simplex digital voice gateway with D-Star capabilities.
It is owned and run by G0KUX.
The gateway system consists of a Raspberry Pi 3A+ running the Pi-Star system.
It is located in Southgate, North London on 144.825 MHz with a transmitter power of 1 Watt to a 5/8 over 5/8 colinear vertical antenna around 9 Metres AGL.

Please Note:

Being a simplex gateway, MB6SG does not default to any D-Star Reflector.
You must connect to a D-Star Reflector via your radio to activate it.

MB6SG Dashboard
The settings for your D-Star radio are as follows:

Frequency Tx and Rx: 144.825 MHz

Where the 2 underscores represent spaces.

To find out what is D-Star including a list of reflectors visit

You need to be registered on the D-Star network.

This is free and easy to do, visit:

D-Star Registration

Link to Southgate Amateur Radio Club site

Last updated March 2021.