MB6SG is a simplex digital voice gateway with D-Star and DMR capabilities.
It is owned and run by G0KUX.
The gateway system consists of a Raspberry Pi 3A+ / MMDVM board running the Pi-Star system.
It is located in Southgate, North London on 144.825 MHz using a Motorola GM340 running 1 Watt to a 5/8 over 5/8 collinear vertical antenna around 9 Metres AGL.

Please Note:

MB6SG defaults to the D-Star Reflector, REF001C at start-up and after 15 minutes of inactivity.

MB6SG Live Dashboard

The settings for your D-Star radio are as follows:

Frequency Tx and Rx: 144.825 MHz

Where the 2 underscores represent spaces.

To find out what is D-Star including a list of reflectors visit

The gateway has DMR capability on the DMR+ / Phoenix system.
To use a Talk Group, select it on your radio and press the PTT briefly.
This will activate the Talk Group on MB6SG.
Settings for your DMR radio are as follows:

Frequency Tx and Rx: 144.825 MHz
Colour Code 5

A document I found very helpful in explaining DMR.

Dummies Guide to DMR

DMR network information including live monitor and list of talk groups visit:


To use the Digital Voice network you need to register for your DV ID.

This is free and easy to do, visit:


I have made a basic code plug for use with MB6SG for the Baofeng RD-5R (Tier 2 / Dual Timeslot version) / Baofeng DM-9HX and Alunce HD1 radios.

I can make a code plug for your radio if you inform me the make and model of your DMR radio and where to obtain the programming software for your radio (for licensed radio amateurs only).
To request a code plug email me on the link below.


Baofeng RD-5R / DM-9HX

Programming Software    Code Plug
Remember to put your own ID in the General Setting / Radio ID field.

Alunce HD1
Code Plug
Remember to put your own ID in the Basic Setting / ID Setting field.

The code plug contains 15 talk groups:

 TG9 (default for gateway system)
TG1 (World Wide Calling)
TG235 (UK Wide Calling)
TG80, 81, 82, 83, 84 (UK general chat)
TG113, 123 (World Wide general chat)
TG2350 (Link to Brandmeister network UK wide)
TG2351 (Link to YSF CQ-UK WIRES-X)
TG23526 (Link to HubNet UK)
TG2353 (Brandmeister network general chat)
TG9990 (Echo - useful for testing your transmission)

TG1 and TG235 are calling talk groups.
Once contact with another station is established, please QSY to one of the general chat talk groups.
Full list of DMR talk groups visit:

Select Talk Groups from the menu.

Link to Southgate Amateur Radio Club site

Last updated March 2021.